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Salufarm Creatine · Monohydrate food supplement

salufarm creatine monohydrate
salufarm creatine
Based food supplement 100% creatine monohydrate.

Improves and strengthens muscle strength *

* Daily consumption of creatine can enhance the effect of resistance training on muscle strength in adults older than 55 years of regular resistance training.

The beneficial effect of creatine is obtained from a daily intake of 3 g in combination with resistance training, that allows an increase in workload over time and that must be done at least three times a week for several weeks, with an intensity of at least one 65% – 75% of the load of a maximum repetition (EFSA Journal 2016;14(2):4400).


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100% creatine monohydrate - Creapure®.
No impurities.

Contribution by:

100 g: Creatine 87,9

3,4 g*: Creatine 3 g

* a measuring teaspoon. Creatine monohydrate contains a 87,9% of creatine.


  • to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • to the maintenance of normal levels of calcium in the blood
  • to the maintenance of bones in normal conditions
  • normal muscle function
  • to the maintenance of teeth in normal conditions
  • to the maintenance of the immune system
  • to the process of cell division



Net weight:

300 g (in order to 88 tomas) CN 202246.1

Food for special medical purposes

Salufarm. Clinical nutrition.